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About Us

Hugo and Algy set up Scout Productions in 2003. They now lead a growing team of skilled Scouts who specialise in facilitating shoots both in the UK and internationally operating as fixers, scouts, location managers and Location assistants.  We operate as regional scouts minimising travel / time / costs and carbon footprint. Since 2003, Scout has accumulated a vast location library resource and are able to source locations quickly, efficiently and to brief.  Each time a Scout is used on a shoot day we offset the production through


Algy Sloane

Founder - Supervising Location Manager / Fixer / Stills Producer

CV and clips of productions that I have worked on:

Started in Locations in 1999 and has scouted and shot in many parts of the world.

Feature films include Directors Robert De Niro, Chris Brock, Julien Seri and the 2022 film She Said directed by Maria Schrader.

TV and Drama The Queen  

Commercials and links to Locations sourced: Sam Pilling (Pulse Films) Joe Wright (RSA) Tom Hooper (Smuggler) Traktor (Stink), Tom Tagholm (Various Films), Brett Foraker (RSA), Antoine Bardou Jacquet (Partizan) Rubern Fleischer (Caviar Content) Kim Gehris (Somesuch) Simon Ratigan (HLA) John Hillcoat (Stink) Clement Durou (Iconoclast) Guy Shelmerdine (Smuggler) Andreas Nilson (Biscuit) to name but a few.

Stills David Alan Brandt, Stuart Hamilton, Jim Fiscus, George Kavanagh Mary Mcartney, Nadav Kander and many more.

Events: Recced and researched across the world for events.  Recently closed sections of the Northern Quarter in Macnhester for Chanel Metier Des Arts 2023 - basically negotiation with over 500 locations re route the Manchester car and public transport to build a glass roof over the streets for a surprise fashion show.

Countries recced / shot in: England, Scotland, Wales, Mexico, Peru, Argentina, France, Italy, Austria, Spain, Sri lanka, Kenya and India

Green Credentials: Founded, wil try and use public transport where possible and if not will use Zip cars in London.  Electric car owner




Hugo Smith-Bingham

Founder - Supervising Location Manager / Fixer / Stills Producer

Started in Locations in 1997 - 

Feature films Include ExMachina, Saving Private Ryan, The Man Who Knew Too Little, E=MC2, Driving Lessons, the Saint, Death at a Funeral. 

Commercials HungrymanRSABiscuit FilmworksRattling StickSmugglerOutsiderStink, Blink, Thomas & Thomas, 2AM, Moxie Pictures,4 Creative, Park Pictures, Partizan, Gorgeous, Paul Weiland, Missing Link, ITV Creative, Fat Lemon, Smith & Jones Stills Creative Blood, Sylvia Ferago, Paolo Rovers, Warren & Nick, Mert & Marcus, Paolo Roversi, Art Partner, Jim Fiscus, Simon Mills, Dan Burn Forti, Stuart Hamilton, Pronovias and Dunhill.

Green Credentials  Scouting a hybrid car.  Donate 4 trees for every shoot day that I am on through - 

In the Scout Hut

Luke Marshall

Head Honcho in the Scout office HQ

Started working in locations in 1999 and has covered them all.  A very experienced Location Manager with a unique eye.  Now he answers the phone.

Morgane Valadié

Scout Library Guru

Morgane joined Scout in August 2020 and heads up our ever expanding Location Library - there is no better person to seek out that gem from the library.  This has helped her get a speedy knowledge of addressing briefs and being able to hunt down the exact location as quickly as she can.  Speaks fluent French and English. She is calm under pressure and a real pleasure to work with.  Any enquries for the library please get in touch with Morgane on - Currently on Maternity leave - well done Morgane x 

Emily Reed

Accounts but so much more.

Emily is the rudder to our ship.  We love having her on board - she adds a loving and laughing support to all scouts and is thorough beyond belief.  Any accounts issues please get in touch on or if in regards to invoices please sedn to 


Deb Westwood

Scout Admin

We are so lucky to have got Deb to join the team.  Deb is now suppporting all things Scout and helping out our busy team in the office to make sure jobs all run smoothly.  She comes with a wealth of knowledge on setting up shoots and is on hand to support us all - we praise her organising skills - thank you Deb.

Scouts - Out and about

George Verdon Smith

Scout - Location Manager based in London and the Southwest.

Started working as a Location Manager for Scout in 2010 and as a result is one of our leading members of the team.

Location Manager for stills and moving image working for many different production companies including Stink Channel 4, Biscuit ITV creative, Partizan, Smuggler, Knucklehead, Hungryman, Riff Raff, Bare Films, Blink Productions Tricycle, Passion Raw, Canada and Caviar Content Smith and Jones amongst many others.

A trusted and reliable scout heavyweight

Toby Haak

Scout - Location Manager based in London

Started at Scout in 2009

Location Manager very experienced with a great photographic eye.  Regularly works for Thomas Thomas, Smuggler, Hungryman, RSA. Stink, VCCP, Knucklehead, BBC and Partizan amongst many others.  Takes a great photograph and with his cool calm head adds to an ejoyable shoot.  

Another Scout heavyweight.

Thomas Gale

Scout : Location Manager based in London

Started at Scout in 2015.

Location Manager totally brilliant and everyone just loves him and his work.

Commercials Worked for Partizan, Hungryman, Fat Lemon, Blink, And Productions, Rankin, Warp Films, Biscuit, Bare Films, Smuggler, Rattling Stick, 76 Films, 4 creative, Red Bee amongst many more.  

Long format BBC drama 'Wannabe'.  

A Scout heavyweight. Brings huge amounts of energy and enthusiasm to his jobs.

Nico Cousin

Scout : Location Manager based in London and France

Started as a Location Manager in 2000

Location Manager: He is a brilliant addition to any production and started in the industry in Nice, France so has international expeience as well.  He slips perfectly into our international scouting team.   Hard working and has huge enthusiasm for getting the job done.  

Commercial productions for  Knucklehehad, Thomas Thomas, Tomboy London, Partizan, RSA, Somesuch, Iris Worldwide, Sonny, Hungry Man, North Six and also in the

Long Format He has Scouted for Mamma Mia 2 and the Voyage of Doctor Doolittle sending him far and wide.

TV:  American Chef

A Scout heavyweight.

Yael Mindel

Scout : Location Manager based in London

Started: Scouting in 1994.  This biog is not large enough to cover Yaels incredible catalogue of acheviements.  

Long Format  Love Actually.  Cold Mountain,  Antony Minghella  

Commericals: Her Location management has taken her across the world scouting for Tony Kaye, Paul Weiland, John Lloyd and Gerard De Thame.  She has covered them all, big campaigns, feature films including her own stills photogrpahy and has generally kept us in shape ever since.  

A scout heavyweight

Paul Davies

Scout :Location Manager based in London, Brighton and Bournemouth

Started: 2018 

Location Manager cutting his teeth in the feature world.  Full of enthusiasm and keen to put in that extra mile or two.....hundred.   A great member of the team on set always there to help out.  Works regularly with the same clients because he is so god damn good.  

Commercials: Picture Farm, Fat Lemon, Somesuch, Radical Media, ITN, Pixie Loft and 2AM, Iconoclast, Stink plus many more.  

Long Format: Chelsea Detective

He is a Scout heavyweight. 

Tom Asquith

Scout / Location Manager based in London / South West / The North

Started at Scout in 2016.

Location Manager who brings wit and charm to every location.  Fantastic on set and out and about scouting.  

Commercials: Production companies include Partizan, Iconoclast, Somesuch, Channel 4, Creative Blood amongst many others.

Long format 'Good Karma Hospital' in Sri Lanka in 2018 and the HOD for Amazon feature 'Your Christmas or Mine'.

A scout heavyweight.

Giles Buchanan

Scout : Location Manager based in London and Scotland

Started: in 2017

Location Manager  and is also a trained camera man as well, including drone operator.  It is great to have him in the scout team and he was thrown into the action straight away and has not stopped.  Has a very good eye for the scouting and a calm head for work on set.  

Commercials: Outsider, Smuggler, Minds Eye, Caviar, Partizan, North Six, Smith and Jones, Channel 4, Stink, Park Pictures, Iconoclast and many others and is a bonus for any shoot.  His military background always helps with logistics on the ground during a production.

Long Format: September 2022.

Fav Location: SP014185


Ben MacGregor

Scout: Location Manager based in London

Joined Scout in 2020.  

Location Manager who has been working in the industry since 2003 back in the Peter Ker Associates days.  We are thrilled to have him on board.  Brings a great energy and humour to every shoot along with his dogs the amazing and greatly missed 'Marmite' and his new companion 'Bear'

Long Format, Somerstown (Dir Shane Meadows), Rock n rolla (Dir Guy Ritchie) through to Dramas, Finding Alice (Dir Juliet May)

Commercials a whole host of adverts with every Production Company you can think of.  

Countries worked in Has in depth knowledge of shooting in Tunisia, Spain, Sri Lanka can speak portugese and Spanish..  Ben has been the location Manager of numerous fashion shoots all over the UK and has shot in pretty much every street in London.  

He is a Scout heavyweight

Guy Signy

Scout : Location Manager based in London and the East.

Started 2019

Location Managers for all sorts but has a canny ability to tkae on the more complex mutli-location shoots.  So all in all, multi talented and understands all the roles.  Great energy and brilliant with people.  We are chuffed to have him on board.

Long Format His background is TV as a Producer Director / cameraman.    

Commercials Recent credits include working with Outsider, Smuggler, HLA, Stink, Knucklehead and they keep coming back for more of him.


Amrit Sahotay

Scout : Location Manager based in London and the North

Started: 2019

Commercial production compaines, including Academy Films, Smuggler, Radical Media, Stink, Caviar tv, Somesuch and Blink.   

Long Format on the Long Goodbye directed by Anniel Karia 2020 which won best short film oscar in 2022, it required some tricky and sensitive locations.  According to the Producer 'he was totally over every aspect of it with charm and swagger'. 

Conor White Andrews

Scout : Location Manager based in London and the South West

Started in 2018.  

Location Manager  - and a very good one.  Has that extra skill as his roots are script writing but has a love for locations so we try and pull him away from his desk and out onto location. 

Commercials : Park Pictures, Smuggler, Academy, Passion Pictures, Channel 4, Stink, Netflix, HLA, Helo, Great Guns, Somesuch, DROOL, Biscuit Stills: Burberry, Gucci, Zara, Samsung.

Drama: Netflix's 'The One', ITV's 'QUIZ', Ink Factory Untitled, 'Suspicion' on Apple TV.

Features: Location Manager for 'Men' Directed by Alex Garland (2021)

Ryan Colaço

Scout: Location Manager based in London

Joined in 2019.

Location Manager: Ryan is a brilliant member of the team, and he really does look sharp like that in the picture (he makes Hugo and I look like right old duffers). Ryan brings great energy and enthusiasm to the shoot. According to many, he is extremely thorough and constantly exhausts every corner for desired results.  He scaled the location ladder rapidly and we are absolutely chuffed he is part of our team.

Commercials: Wieden + Kennedy, Iconoclast, Smuggler London, Agile Films, Stink Films, Iconoclast, Somesuch, Sky Creative, IRIS Worldwide, Lalaland, RSA Films, Blink Films, Biscuit Filmworks, Arts & Sciences, Spindle Havas Studios, Cherry Films, Prodigious, Still Pool Films, Unit9, Riff Raff Films plus more.

Chester Sherburne

Scout: Location Manager

Started:  2020

Location Manager -Chester began as a Location assiting us on various project through the latter half of 2020 and spent the beginning of 2021 assisting on a feature film.  A well known face on set and brings energy and enthusiasm.  

Commercials Iconoclast, Snapper Films, Voodoo Films, Stink and Radical Media.  

Long Format Cheslea Detective (LM)

Bill Clay

Scout : Location Manager based in London

Started: 2017.

Location Manager  with an enthusiastic and a cool calm head.  Bill worked in 2018 as  Assistant Location Manager on a drama so has expereince in all fields - takes a great picture to boot as well.

Commercials such as Burberry, Vans, Adidas and HSBC.  Companies including Caviar, Minds Eye, BBC, Sky, Freemantle Media, Fulwell 73, My Accomplice, Netflix and Gorgeous.  

Long Format:

Jack Ker

Scout: Location Manager & Assistant

Started: in locations 2020

Location Manager Jack was born on set. Possibly conceived there, too. Having worked in the industry for over 10 years we finally convinced him to give us a whirl and that twirl has never stopped.  Just a pure joy to have on set, one snag is every department wants a piece of him so we try very hard to just keep him on locations.  Takes a lovely picture and wont stop till he has found the perfect location.   

Nick Jay

Scout: Location Assistant & Location Manager

Joined Scout:2021

Scout: Nick joined the Scout team in 2021 and hasn't stopped. Working with our location managers on some of last years biggest projects for production companies such as Blink, Pulse and many more.  A delight to have on set and boundless energy nothing holds him back.  Nick has the extra talent of being a director / camera man himself.

Commercials Burberry, Lloyds - Pulse, Biscuit, Stink, Blink, Rogue to name but a few.


Lois Constantinou

Scout: Location Manager and Assistant based in London

Started: 2020.  

Location Manager: She is a great enthusiastic addition who loves a challenging scouting brief.  Takes a great picture and happy to scout anywhere.  She has been managing her own jobs, done short films and is a steady pair of hands.  She is a go to Assistant for all our Location Managers and just brings joy.  She will no doubt rise up the location ladder in no time at all.

Sally Thomas

Scout: Location Cordinator, Location Assistant

Joined Scout: 2022

Scout: Sally joined Scout last year and hasn't stopped. Coming from a logistics background she bnrought new skills to the team.  As a result of this she is now our go to Location Coordinator - you just want her on every job.  She will whip your feature film into shape crack that commercial into budget and all with a smile on her face and a skip in her step.

TV Shows: Top Chef - USA

Commercials: Nike Iconoclast

Brandon Palmer

Scout: Location Assistant and Location Manager

Joined Scout 2022 -

Scout: We are over the moon to have Brandon on the team.  A lot of location work success is firstly being a nice person and Brandon hits that with aplomb. He was shown the rope by fellow Scout Paul Davies and quickly learned the art.  Energetic enthusiastic and up for the challenge. Good luck Brandon and we wish you every success.

Commercials: Works on many projects with Scouts and has covered most production companies.

Bea Fraser

Scout: Location Assistant and Location Manager

Joined Scout: in early 2022

Scout: Spent summer 2022 assisting Giles Buchanon on a feature film and is now taking on her own projects. We know she will go far.

Commercials: Worked for many of our Scouts either scouting or assisting and we only have the best reviews.  Has also started taking on her own Location Management jobs at the start of 2023 and is just asked back each time.

Features: Club Zero - Dir: Jessica Hausner - Location Assistant 

Patrick Talbot

Scout : Location Manager based in Ireland

Started in 2017.  

Location Manager (or even a stunt horse rider) and has worked on Film , TV. Takes a lovely picture and has a great calm approach to productions.  He currently resides in Ireland and is working on the Vikings series in County Wicklow.

Commercials and Online Content for companies which include: Channel 4, Working Title, Marmalade Films, RSA, Indy 8, 76 Ltd, ScallywagLtd, Biscuit Films, Mustard and Blink.  

Long Format Vikings

Fav Location: SP01235

Eser Savrin

Scout: Location Assistant Based in London

We're very excited to welcome Eser, the lastest addition to the dream team. Eser has been working alongside some familiar faces for the last couple of years and joined the Scout team in 2023. A hard working, conscientious Location Assistant and an absoulte pleasure to work with, we really couldn't be happier to have Eser onboard. 

Giles Johnson

Scout: Producer and Location Manager

Joined Scout in: 2022

Producer / Location Manager: Our go to Producer for Scout Production Services. Giles is based in the South West but can cover anywhere as basically he has covered it all before.  WE welcome him back to the game after a few years running Flying Picture Company so if you need to know a few things about drones - hes your man.  He comes with such a wealth of knowledge that there really is nothing he cant do.  We are a better place with Giles on board so thank you for jumping on board.

CV: If you have a few hours then sure we can send over the paperwork - From Location Management for Hungry Man, RSA, Kode Media  to Producing for Lucky Strike, Pretty Bird, Stink.  Then just to show off he can 1st AD your production aswell.....since 1993.  So yes bascially you are in very safe hands.

Extensive location experience in France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Czech Republic, Southern Africa, Kenya, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Middle East, Spain, China, Sweden and of course across the UK



Crispin Buxton

Supervising Location Manager / Producer

Joined Scout in 2023 - How lucky are we - comes with oodles of knowledge charm and expertise - thank you Crispin the stage is yours.

Features: Shooting Dogs, The Last King of Scotland, Pride, The Worlds End, 

TV: Sense 8, Close to the Enemy, The Shepherd

Commercials: Nike Iconolcast, Waitrose Hungry Man, Park Pictures and many others

Filmed in: England, Scotland, N. Ireland, Wales, Spain, Turkey, Greece, Egypt, Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Thailand, India, US (San Francisco, Los Angeles), Canada (Vancouver).

Basically if there was a cricket ball flying through the air and you saw the ball was heading to Crispin on the boundary you would be in safe hands.




Green Scout

Jeff Luther

Green Guru

Jeff is just someone you want in your life.  Jeff has been running festivals for decades and hence has extensive knowledge in working on location from the mud trenches to glastonbury to the green fields of Shindig.  If you want someting on location he is your man from trackway to power from lighting to 4x4 pick ups.  His merry team can pull you out of any location issues.  With Jeffs extensive expertise he has also mastered the art of making productions GREEN - from winning awards in making festivals more sustainable his next quest is to transform the film and photography world and we are keen to do it with him - Scout Productions has a green wing - which we set up way back in 2009 - so lets do this.