About Us

Hugo and Algy set up Scout Productions in 2003. They now lead a growing team of skilled Scouts who specialise in facilitating shoots both in the UK and internationally. Over 16 years, Scout has accumulated a vast location library resource and are able to source locations quickly, efficiently and to brief.  Each time a Scout is used on a shoot day we offset the production through www.carbonawareproductions.com

Hugo Smith-Bingham


Started in Locations in 1997 - Feature films Include ExMachina, Saving Private Ryan, The Man Who Knew Too Little, E=MC2, Driving Lessons, the Saint, Death at a Funeral. Commercials Hungryman, RSA, Biscuit Filmworks, rattling Stick, Smuggler, Outsider, Stink, Blink, Thomas & Thomas, 2AM, Moxie Pictures,4 Creative, Park Pictures, Partizan, Gorgeous, Paul Weiland, Missing Link, ITV Creative, Fat Lemon, Smith & Jones Stills Creative Blood, Sylvia Ferago, Paolo Rovers, Warren & Nick, Mert & Marcus, Paolo Roversi, Art Partner, Jim Fiscus, Simon Mills, Dan Burn Forti, Stuart Hamilton, Pronovias and Dunhill.

Algy Sloane


Started in Locations in 1999 and has scouted and shot in many parts of the world. Feature films include Directors Robert De Niro, Chris Brock and Julien Seri. Commercials Traktor (Rattling Stick), Tom Tagholm (Park Pictures), Brett Foraker (Channel 4), Antoine Bardou Jacquet (Partizan) Rubern Fleischer (Caviar Content) Kim Gehris (Somesuch) Simon Ratigan (HLA) John Hillcoat (Stink) to name but a few. Stills David Alan Brandt, Stuart Hamilton, Jim Fiscus, George Kavanagh Mary Mcartney, Nadav Kander and many more.

Fav location: SP04066



Rod Haak

Honourary founder member

Started in locations in 1996. Scouted and shot across the world. Feature Films Directors Jonathon Glazer and Frank Oz. Stills Paolo Roversi, Simon Mills, Ashton Keiditsch, David Harriman. Commercials Vaughan Arnell, Stuart Douglas, Paul Wieiland, Tim Pope, Pay Gay, Brian Buckley, Frank Budgen, Ulf Johansson, Gus Van Sant, Ivan Bird, Jonny Green, Kevin Thomas, Dom and Nic and many more.

Luke Marshall

Head Honcho in the Scout office HQ

Started working in locations in 1999 and has covered them all.  A very experienced Location Manager with a unique eye.  Now he answers the phone.

George Verdon Smith


Started working for Scout in 2010 and as a result is one of our leading members of the team. Location Manager for stills and moving image working for many different production companies including Channel 4, ITV creative, Partizan, Knucklehead, Hungryman, Riff Raff, Bare Films, Blink Productions Tricycle, Passion Raw, Canada and Caviar Content amongst many others. A trusted and reliable scout heavyweight

Lucinda Spurrier


Started working for Scout in 2015. She is now one of our leading scouts and we are very happy to still have her on board.  She has worked on many different productions from Feature films to commercials and is a very experienced Location Manager. Recent work for production companies include, The Sweetshop, Somesuch, Moxie, Nice Shrt, Thomas thomas, smuggler. Biscuit Films, Partizan and the BBC.

Toby Haak


Started at Scout in 2009 and is a very experienced Location Manager with a great eye.  Regularly works for Thomas Thomas, Smuggler, Hungryman, RSA. Stink, VCCP, Knucklehead, BBC and Parizan amongst many others.  Takes a great photograph and with his cool calm head adds to an ejoyable shoot.  Another Scout heavyweight.

Thomas Gale


Started at Scout in 2015. Is a great Location Manager . Has worked for Partizan, Hungryman, Fat Lemon, Blink, And Productions, Rankin, Warp Films, Biscuit, Bare Films, Smuggler, Rattling Stick, 76 Films, 4 creative, Red Bee amongst many more.  In 2018 headed up teh Location Department for BBC drama 'Wannabe'.  Brings huge amounts of energy and enthusiasm to his jobs and as a result is a Scout heavyweight.

Tom Asquith


Started at Scout in 2016. Has risen through the production ranks and is a keen member of the scouting team. Working as a Location Manager.  Fantastic on set and out and about scouting.  Production companies include Partizan, Iconoclast, Somesuch, Channel 4, Creative Blood amongst many others. Was HOD for Karma Productions in Sri Lanka in 2018.  

Danny Potts


Started at Scout in 2016 -  Location Manager. His upbringing in the circus enables him to cope with the pressure well with an added  sense of humour. Works with all the scouts and with commercials for RSA, Rankin, Channel 4, Visual Artists, Moxie Pictures, Kream, Hungry and HLA plus others.  Feature Films Has completed being the Assistant Location Manager  for Stan & Ollie Directed by Jon S Baird and the Bohemian Rhapsody film, directed by Dexter Fletcher, Yesterday directed by Danny Boyle, and now working on the new Edgar Wright feature film

Fav location: SP03057

Patrick Talbot


Joined Scout in 2017. He is a great Location Manager (or even a stunt horse rider) and has worked on Film , TV Commercials and Online Content for companies which include: Channel 4, Working Title, Marmalade Films, RSA, Indy 8, 76 Ltd, ScallywagLtd, Biscuit Films, Mustard and Blink.  Takes a lovely picture and has a great calm approach to productions.

Fav Location: SP01235

Giles Buchanan


Giles has lept up into the world of being a Location Manager although is a trained camera man as well.  It is great to have him join the scout team and has been thrown into the action straight away.  Has a very good eye for the scouting and a calm head for work on set.  Has been working with Outsider, Smuggler Minds Eye, Caviar, Partizan, North Six, Smith and Jones and is a bonus for any shoot.  His military background alays helps with logistics on the ground during a production.

Fav Location: SP014185


Paul Davies


Paul is a hard grafting Location Manager cutting his teeth in the feature world.  Full of enthusiasm and keen to put in that extra mile or two.....hundred.   A great member of the team on set always there to help out.  Works reguylarly with the same clients because he is so good.  Picture Farm, Fat Lemon, Somesuch, Radical Media, ITN, Pixie Loft and 2AM plus many more.  

Bill Clay


Bill joined the team late 2017. Has predominantly worked on Features & TV and scouted for Commercials such as Burberry, Vans, Adidas and HSBC.  Companies including Caviar, Minds Eye, BBC, Sky, Freemantle Media, Fulwell 73, My Accomplics, Netflix and Gorgeous.  Has now proved himself to be a great Location Manager  with anenthusiastic and a cool calm head.  Bill worked in 2018 as  Assistant Location Manager on a drama and has picked up invaluable experience.

Nico Cousin


We are delighted to add Nico to the team, joining us in Mid 2018 and becoming a key member of the team.  He is a great Location Manager and started in the industry in Nice, France back in 2000.  He slips perfectly into our international scouting team.  He has worked alongside the Scout team for a number of years and is a well known face on set.  Hard working and has huge enthusiasm for getting the job done.  He Has worked with Commercial productions for  Knucklehehad, Thomas Thomas, Tomboy London, Partizan, RSA, Somesuch, Iris Worldwide, Sonny, Hungry Man, North Six and also in the features world.  Scouting for Mamma Mia 2 and the Voyage of Doctor Doolittle. Bienvenue.

Jules Moore


Jules is a legend in the location industry.  A wealth of knowledge to tap into.  Has been a Location Manager since 1997 and has covered every kind of brief from commercials through to feature films to  stills and TV dramas.  recently contracting on ITV idents with very fast turnaround times.  It is very comforting for us to have him involved with the team.  We know him as the 'oracle' as he has the answer to any location question.

Conor White Andrews


Conor started working with Scout in 2018.  He is a Location Assistant and a very good one.  He throughly enjoys taking on a breif and trying to make it work and has headed up his own projects such as Surfers Against sewage with Director Tom Tagholm and the latest ITV idents with Academy both receivng really good reviews at the moment.  Has assisted all our scouts and a very useful addition to the team.

Amrit Sahotay


Amrit, our latest addition to the team, works as Location Assitant and has already worked with some top production compaines, including Academy Films, Radical Media, Stink and Blink.