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Location Services

  • Location Scouting Location management and suppliers of Location Marshalls 
  • Facilitating Production
  • Location Library for filming, still shoots and events
  • Consulting, Budgeting and inspiring for future productions.
  • We offset all productions that we work on through
  • Location fixers and service company.

Location Scouting & Location Management

  • We are a team of location managers with over 20 years of location and production experience
  • We work on commercials, feature films, dramas, stills and events
  • We have an army of skilled scouts all trained the Scout way
  • We work as a team and support each other on each job
  • We have scouted and filmed all over the UK and globally
  • We will scout and manage the location for you
  • We can arrange all permits, contracts and fees for you
  • We have both location managers and location assistants (see scouts)
  • We have a dedicated office support for all jobs

Location Library

  • The library is free to use
  • We have an online location library that we have collected over the last 15 years
  • We have further locations in our offline library for office use
  • You can scroll through the library and create a select file which appears in the top right corner of the site.
  • You can share selects with the scout office or other members of your team.
  • You can search for location by using POST CODE or KEYWORDS
  • We love finding locations so please send a brief to the office for our scouts to research and recce for you
  • All locations on the site are subject to availability
  • There is no Admin fee when booking a Scout Location if using a Scout to Manage it.
  • Admin fee for Location is £300.00

If a Scout location is used from the Scout library we will plant 1 tree for each shoot day to make the shoot CARBON AWARE through


Registering your property

Also please get in touch in regards to registering your property on our library.  Please call the office as we are always on the hunt for new locations to promote on our location library.  We seek all sorts of locations from houses to warehouses to beaches to farms.  We would be glad to speak to you about how we upload your locations to our location library and how we promote thier use.






Servicing Productions

  • After 20 years in the Industry we have a plethora of contacts across the world and have now set up our production wing -
  • We have scouted / produced still shoots nationally and internationally.
  • We can arrange crews anywhere in the UK and across the world
  • We love a challenge
  • Please get in touch with the office at with any queries.

Consulting, Budgeting and Inspiring

We find that we can help at the very concept of a production idea.  Often saving you money and giving you the chance to think of alternative locations that can give you that bit more - with sufficent lead in times some things out there are more in grasp than you may think.


Location Fixers 

We can act as location fixers in the UK or use our international partners as global film fixers for locations anywhere in the world.  Whether the location is in Bromley, Birmingham or Bali we can arrange film fixers and facilitate productions .